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What would it mean for your life if you could ...

- Turn your time on Facebook into a job?

- Find the time to get into the best shape of your life?

- Take your family on the vacation of a lifetime... for free?

- Make an extra $50 a week? How about an extra $500? Or more?

- Help other women just like you do the same thing?

- All while working just a few hours a day, from your own home?

I can show you how to achieve all that and more!

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Who do I want for my team?
 •I want POSITIVE PEOPLE who are READY to take their life to the next level and make it something AMAZING! 

•I want MOMS who want to TAKE CONTROL of their lives to become HEALTHY and HAPPY
... and want to help other moms do the same!

•I want people who have overcome struggles and want others to be able to learn from their experience.

•I want people who feel like something is missing, that they were made for MORE, and want to live their life by design.

Sometimes I can't believe this is what I do for a living...
- I'm able to  stay at home and homeschool my kids while still helping my family financially.

- I'm able to make MORE working from home than I did working full time!

- I get to take my family on dream vacations like an ALL EXPENSES PAID trip to Disneyworld.

- I get to make amazing and rewarding friendships with other women every day.

- I'm in the best shape of my life, working out from home with celebrity trainers!

- I get to travel to amazing places like Argentina, Uruguay, Belize, Mexico, Grand Cayman, Laguna Beach, Tennessee... so far!

...just for helping other women just like you get healthy!

What does your dream life look like?
Could this be for YOU?

Do you want to...

Make a differenceGet healthier
Get happier
Make money $$
Be financially free
Have a purpose
Use your struggles to help others
Be a leader
Have extra accountability
Be surrounded by postive people
Use social media to build a brand
Start your own buisness
Not have a "job"


Why Not You? 



Apply to join my mentorship program!

If selected you will be personally mentored by me.  I only work with a handful of people each month, so you are sure to get the most of my time and attention to help you set up a successful business!



Attend a Webinar!

Let's talk!  I want to share my story, tell you exactly what I do and what you would be a part of, then let YOU figure out if it's a good fit for your family!



If it's a good fit for both of us, you'll sign up!

Once you are officially part of the team we will set up a one on one call and get your business and your brand started right!



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